Rietspruit Game Reserve


Our lodge is situated on the picturesque Khaya Ndlovu property, which forms part of the Rietspruit Big 5 Game Reserve.

It is a well-protected 5500-hectare sanctuary offering a safe haven for its resident black and white rhino, all of which have been dehorned for their safety.

A bumble through the reserve in our comfortable game-viewer in search of these endangered animals takes you to our greater traverse area on the predator-rich Rietspruit Game Reserve.

Sightings of elephants, lions, leopards, cheetah, hyena, as well as the endangered African wild-dog, add to the excitement of the truly authentic game-drive that can be experienced at Khaya Ndlovu, void of the frustrating hustle and bustle of the busier reserves.

Unique to guests on a Khaya Ndlovu game drive is the possibility of spotting the crash of orphaned rhino babies that were released from Rhino Revolution’s rehabilitation facility, the only rhino orphanage in South Africa to have returned a group of rhino back to the wild! Both Massingita and Chipoko have since given birth to female calves that were sired by one of the Reserve’s dominant bulls, a heartwarming success story that has fulfilled the ethos of true conservation, two calves born in the wild to hand-raised, rewilded rhinos!

Leading the fiercely protected quintet of poaching victims is Ringo, or perhaps more appropriately, Fatty, as he was fondly referred to, by those who knew him whilst he was growing up in the orphanage! Ubuntu is the second oldest bull, submissive and respectful in nature, unlike the terrorist, Nkonzo who was the youngest baby to join the crash! Massingita, which means miracle in Tsonga proved to be just that if the pitiful images of her first day at the facility are anything to go by, whilst Chipoko, a few months younger than her female playmate completes the quintet.

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