Our intimate open-air thatched lapa Spa overlooks the Safari Manor waterhole, offering the perfect ambiance to completely relax, and unwind.  In addition, you have the unique possibility of a spa-safari experience, right from the comfort of your treatment bed! While we prioritize your privacy during spa treatments, we cannot control the herds of Peeping Toms leisurely strolling past to quench their thirst at the waterhole.

Step into a serene oasis and let our highly skilled therapists whisk you away from the demands of your everyday life. Whether you are staying with us or simply visiting for the day, we have a wide range of treatments tailored to suit your specific needs and desires.

To ensure the best experience for our day visitors, we kindly request that appointments be scheduled in advance. This enables us to provide personalized attention and dedicate the necessary time to each guest. By securing your appointment, you can rest assured that you will receive your preferred treatment at your desired time. 

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