A private Big-5 safari drive is always a thrilling experience but imagine taking that journey in a classic 1964 Land Rover.  Apart from the experienced guide and tracker, there is only enough space for a couple in this short wheelbase beauty that adds a touch of personal nostalgia to the adventure, transporting you back to a bygone era while you explore the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.

As you climb aboard the vintage Land Rover, adorned with comfortable cushions, rugs and a cooler bag packed with your guilty pleasures, the tone is set for a safari experience that pays homage to the golden age of exploration. The rugged exterior of the Land Rover stands as a testament to its rich history, and as the engine roars to life, you can feel the connection to the wild enhanced by a vehicle with such a storied past!

The short wheelbase of the 1964 model allows for nimble manoeuvring, providing you with an up-close and personal encounter with the magnificent Big-5: lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinos.

Amidst the safari excitement, the Land Rover makes a strategic stop at a breathtaking viewpoint for a classic African sundowner. The golden hues of the setting sun cast a warm glow over the savannah, creating a magical atmosphere that words can hardly capture. Here, you can savour the moment in a gin-haze or glass of bubbles, perfectly complemented by an array of gourmet snacks.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Land Rover resumes its journey, now under the canvas of the African night sky. The vintage headlights cut through the darkness, revealing the nocturnal wonders of the reserve. The sounds of the wild come alive as you spot elusive creatures that only venture out after sunset.

The 1964 Land Rover, with its open-top design, allows you to feel the cool night breeze and hear the distant roars and calls of the animals. It’s an immersive experience that transcends the conventional safari, offering a glimpse into a time when exploration was as much about the journey as the destination.

This unique blend of vintage charm, wildlife encounters, and the luxury of a sundowner stop make the 1964 Land Rover safari an unparalleled experience, combining the thrill of the wild with the allure of a bygone era.

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