Throughout October, our social media pages came alive with cryptic clues and rhymes for any of our followers wishing to enter our name change competition. Although most of our readers guessed the new name correctly, we did have a few giggles at some of the interpretations. The name, Ellenor Janse Van Vurren was drawn from the bag of correct entries, and we look forward to welcoming her when she claims her two-night prize for two in the new year.
Even before the modern-day advent of the internet, the word, Safari conjured up explicit visions of untamed African animals, grassland savannahs, dawn wake-up calls, romantic sunsets, and of course, good-looking khaki-clad rangers at the wheel of a roofless game-viewer!
Although we offer so much more at Khaya Ndlovu than purely safari- themed activities, anyone who has gazed in awe from the vantage point of our alfresco deck at the regular, real-time scenes from Disney’s Lion King, will agree that the heart and soul of our offering is the safari business!
Khaya Ndlovu Safari Manor always has and will continue to offer a genuine home away from home experience. We love it when our guests kick off their shoes, relax on the luxurious sofas, wrestle (like they do at home) over the tv remote, forget their manners over Vandi’s pesto pasta, in-between taking a spa treatment, a boat cruise on the Blyde Dam, a guided tour of the Panorama Route, or a helicopter flight into the Blyde River Canyon. Despite all the atypic safari activities available, however, there is little doubt that our guests are treated to some of the best game viewing in the area when they hop aboard our open-air game viewers to experience a safari/game-drive or head out on a bush walk. Our expert guides and trackers all seem to have eyes in the back of their heads, as well as an uncanny knack of deciphering the mysterious tracks and signs left by the assortment of wildlife that traverses the reserve.
It was Heraclitus who once said: “there is nothing permanent in life, except change” so all things considered, we decided it was time to evolve from Khaya Ndlovu Manor House to Khaya Ndlovu Safari Manor, safe in the knowledge that the word safari is synonymous with us!

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