Kloofing, or canyoning is the art of following a mountain stream down its course by floating, or jumping or swimming. By its very nature, kloofing takes place in a river gorge, deep in the mountains. The point of kloofing, is to leap over waterfalls or cliffs into pools.

This 5 hour trip begins near the Strjidom Tunnel, bordering Mpumalanga and the Limpopo Provinces. Kitted out with helmets and life jackets, guests wind their way down a small gorge, jumping from heights ranging from 1-8m into crystal clear mountain spring water. It's a lot of fun and is perfect to try out the whole idea as you can chicken out if you like and walk around to the bottom of the pool.

One section requires the guests to crawl through a maze of caves formed by centuries of water carving out the brittle rock. Once through the caves, guests are taken to a magnificent tufa waterfall to wash off the sand and mud from their clothing. After that, the clients are taken to a magnificent cave, boasting its own fresh water spring and the most peculiar fresh water eel, which almost always emerges to see whether the guides brought him a morsel.

The rest of the trip zigzags across the river and through a spectacular riverine forest, until you finally emerge on the banks of the Olifansts river where your transport is waiting with a cold drink and snack.

Please note, no-one uder the age of 12 may participate in this activity.

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