Game drives on Khaya Ndlovu

Game drives are conducted on our 5,500 hectare Rietspruit Game Reserve which is home to a huge variety of wildlife with wide-ranging views of the beautiful Drakensberg Mountain Range and Blyde River Canyon.

Jump aboard our open safari-vehicles with our knowledgeable guides, either in the early mornings or late afternoon and discover animals species such as lions, cheetah, leopard, African wild dog, both black and white rhino as well as a host of general game.
Safaris typically last between 3 - 3.5 hours depending on the sightings during the course of the drive, and departure times vary according to the season.

The fee below includes a select sundowner drink and snacks.

Open Safari Vehicle

1 person: R 1 200.00
2 persons: R 800.00 per person
3 persons +: R 550.00 per person (overnight guests)

For guests not overnighting with us, a charge of R 650.00 per person will apply.

Private Vehicle

10 Seater: R 5 500.00 (overnight guests)
(subject to pre-booking and availability)

For guests not overnighting with us, a charge of R 6 500.00 will apply.

Scenic Helicopter Flights through the Olifants River Gorge

Our experienced bush pilot will whisk you away from the Hoedspruit Civil airport and take you on a flight across the African bushveld, citrus farms, and into the spectacular Olifants River Gorge or Blyde River Canyon. You will enjoy the dramatic views as the helicopter winds its way through the gorges, which also provides an outstanding photographic opportunity for you to capture some "forever" memories.

The fee includes transfers to and from Hoedspruit Civil Airport.

Pricing on request

Full Day Trips to the Kruger National Park

Experience a day trip to the famed Kruger National Park, home to the Big 5, a multitude of plains game species, and a vast selection of fauna and flora, unique to the Lowveld. You will be accompanied by one of our experienced guides, whose knowledge of the Kruger network and hotspots makes locating those elusive predators or rare game sightings a bit easier. This fee includes all entrance fees, transport, food and drinks for the full day, not to mention your own private talking Googlesearch- engine at the wheel! The record number of individual sightings in a single day by a Manor House guest has reached 26. Any guest who surpasses this tally will receive a special Khaya Ndlovu surprise!

Closed / Air-conditioned Vehicle:

1 Person: R 5 000.00 per person
2 Persons: R 2 950.00 per person
3 Persons +: R 2 200.00 per person

Open Safari Vehicle:

1 Person: R 5 000.00
2 Persons +: R 3 450.00 per person

Day Trip to the Panorama Route and Blyde River Canyon

Relax in the comfort of our air-conditioned bus whilst our knowledgeable guide takes you on a tour of South Africa’s scenic panorama route.

Enjoy commanding mountain views and the spectacular Blyde River Canyon, one of the world’s largest green canyons. You will visit the historical view points; Bourke’s Luck Potholes, The Three Rondavels, God’s Window and the Berlin Falls, lunching at one of the stops. Fee includes: guide, food and drinks for the day as well asentrance fees to all of the historical sites.

Closed / Air-conditioned Vehicle:

1 Person : R 3 300.00
2 Persons : R 2 800.00 per person
3 Persons + : R 2 200.00 per person

Visits to local Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres

One of our guides can take you to the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre and/or the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. You will enjoy a detailed and informed wildlife conservation experience.

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is actively involved in research and breeding of endangered animal species, particularly Cheetah, the fastest land mammal.

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is home to many of South Africa’s abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife. You will also be able to get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most dangerous and rare mammals and birds – excellent for photography.

Fee includes guide, transfer and entrance.

1 Person : R 1 450.00
2 Persons : R 1 200.00 per person
3 Persons + : R 900.00 per person

World famous "Jessica the Hippo"

Jessica was rescued as a baby during a flood by a family livingon the banks of the Blyde River. She has now grown into a 1 Ton hippo who visits her adopted family’s river-side home daily for feeding and a bit of loving attention.

You too can have an awesome opportunity to get up close and personal with a hippo! This is an excellent photographicopportunity.

Fee includes guide, transfer and entrance.

1 Person : R 1 450.00
2 Persons : R 1 200.00 per person
3 Persons + : R 900.00 per person

Blyde Canyon Boat Cruise

Hop aboard the Blyde Boat and discover the largest ‘green canyon’ in the world. An interpretation tour by a tour guide will take you to the rare living Kadishi Tufa Waterfall and the Three Rondawels.

An abundance of wildlife will keep you distracted while learning more about the natural history of the Blyde Canyon. The waterfall sits at 200m (around 660 feet) in height and is the second tallest tufa waterfall on earth.

The fee includes the cruise, transfers and entrance fees.

1 Person : R 1 600.00
2 Persons : R 1 250.00 per person
3 Persons + : R 950.00 per person

The Rhino Revolution Story

Join us on an educational tour of our ‘Poacher’s Garden’, followed by a short video clip which will explain the modus operandi of our Rhino Revolution Orphanage. You will learn about the desperate plight of Africa’s rhino, which are being decimated at an alarming rate by poachers.

You may be lucky enough to see some of our rehabilitated rhino calves wondering around our reserve whilst on game drive. This tour is not open to the public and this opportunity is offered exclusively to Khaya Ndlovu Manor House guests. There is no set fee for this activity however a donation to the cause, for this unique experience is expected.

Game walk on Khaya Ndlovu

Go on an educational adventure with one of our guides. This will include track and sign trailing, bug hunts, feeding signs and other environmental experiences. An exciting story of the African bush will unfold during the 60 to 90 minute duration of the walk.

Trailing a white rhino or a member of the plains game species will also be possible should you happen to find fresh tracks. Walks for children available on request.

1 Person : R 550.00
2 Persons + : R 385.00 per person

Hot Air Balloon over the Blyde River System

Experience the magic of lighter-than-air flight near the foot of the Drakensberg Escarpment. One-hour long flights are conducted over the scenic, Lowveld section of the Blyde River,15 km West of Hoedspruit. As the sun rises, the landscape, the vegetation and, if you're lucky, some wildlife will provide photo opportunities.

Game spotting cannot be guaranteed but on most flights, several plains game species are spotted. Please note that this activity calls for a very early start from the lodge, sometimes in the dark, and is very weather dependent.

The fee includes the flight and transfers to and from the launch site.

1 Person : R 5 400.00
2 Persons + : R 4 800.00 per person

Elephant Interaction

Enjoy the incredible interaction with these magnificent animals. Enjoy the incredible interaction with these magnificent animals. Arrive at sunrise for your personal introduction to a very special family, and immerse yourself fully in the natural environment of one of Africa’s most epic creatures.

The start is an early one before the elephants head off into the bush to forage in the wild. During the 1.5 hour tour, you’ll learn about their story through the keepers who have walked the long road with them, and have formed lifelong bonds in the process. This is a “once in a life-time experience” imprinting forever memories!

The fee includes the experience, transfer and tea and coffee on arrival.

1 Person : R 2 850.00
2 Persons : R 2 500.00 per person
3 Persons + : R 2 250.00 per person

Hlokomela Community Tours

Hlokomela Tours, one of the non-profit Organisation Hlokomela’sf undraising initiatives, offers visitors to the Kruger to Canyonsarea an alternative experience for those interested in the communities and the structures that support the local wildlife tourism industry.

Hlokomela Tours offers a unique opportunity for visitors to support and experience first hand Hlokomela and allits projects, learn more about the agricultural activities of the area and their relation to the tourism industry, and to leave this beautiful little town with a better understanding of  “CaringHoedspruit”. You will visit a womens health clinic, a local creche, the Hlokomela Herb Garden and the Hlokomela Market. The tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours and includes refreshing herbal drinks and water during the tour.

Please note that this activity is only offered from Monday - Friday.

1 Person : R 900.00
2 Persons + : R 850.00 per person

30 Minute Microlight Flight

Get a bird’s-eye view of our scenic area on this 30-minute microlight flight. You’ll see for miles as you soar above the ground and might be lucky enough to spot the Big Five. This short microlight flip gives you an idea of what this area looks like from the air. A microlight flight is the perfect way to spot game, as the animals are easier to see from your high vantage point in the air.

You can let an experienced pilot take the controls, or you can try flying yourself if you want to. Cost includes the flight, transfer to the airfield and coffee at the hangar.

R 2 100.00 per person

Airport / Hoedspruit Town Transfers

Transfers from / to Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport

Return transfers to Hoedspruit Town - PER HOUR

1 person: R 400.00 per person
2 persons: R 350.00 per person
3 persons +: R 285.00 per person
1 person: R 250.00 per person
2 persons: R 150.00 per person
3 persons +: R 100.00 per person
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